①  Your mother taught you to “fight with yourself” but why have these words made you so resolute? These words really impressed me. Starting from the day I heard them they have become my support. The images in my mind take shape from the tip of the brush. Everytime I create a new piece of art I get extremely nitpicker and this greatly influences the undulation of my strokes. In this fight with myself, every day I concentrate to reach the best result.

②  I see that dragons are often the subject of your works. Why?What made you decide to draw a new dragon every day? At that time I was participating in a group work and the theme for our project was “Movement”. The people working at this project with me were photographers, calligraphers and dancers. That is why I thought that drawing 100 dragons for 100 days would have been the best way to show how heart feelings change everyday. I represented heart invisible feelings through invisible dragons. I didn`t draw them with ink but with water. Now that the water has dried they disappeared but they are still there, on the paper.

③  Is there a brush or a theme that is particularly dear to you? No there isn`t but I really like the fine-pointed brush I was talking about before. It can draw lines fine as hairs but also vigorous, large ones.I love to paint in the morning. In the morning emotions are pure and if I seat in front of the paper I immediately feel like I already know what to draw. I don`t draw when I have to do it. I draw when I should. Even when my clients ask me to hurry, I draw when I feel it is a good moment to do it. (laugh)

④  What is the message you want to send with you pieces of art? Do you mean the meaning of my pictures of warriors? There was a inherent beauty in the Japan of the past. Japanese swords in the first place, other weapons and armors but also warrios` high-minded behavior, gestures that can be expressed with the Japanese word “zanshin”. Warriors served their feudal lords and defended their castle but at the same time they also invaded enemy`s fortresses. I filled my works with warriors` feelings of tension and resolution.