Musashi Miyamoto

Miyamoto Musashi was an expert swordsman and rōnin who lived in the 17th century. Since he was very young he showed an early talent for kenjutsu. He dedicated most of his life to mastering Zen Buddhism and Swordmanship. He created his own Kenjutsu style called “Niten Ichi Ryu” which uses a katana and wakizashi together. He also wrote the great book "Go Rin No Sho", known in English as "The Book Of Five Rings", which is a text on kenjutsu, martial arts and philosophy.

Musashi Miyamoto
V-shaped neck
20cm × 20cm
Size M L XL
color size
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size M L XL
length 69.5cm  (27.4in) 70.5cm  (27.8in) 72.0cm  (28.3in)
bust 46.5cm  (18.3in) 49.5cm  (19.5in) 52.0cm  (20.5in)
shoulders 41.0cm  (16.1in) 44.0cm  (17.3in) 48.0cm  (18.9in)
waist 43.0cm  (16.9in) 46.0cm  (18.1in) 49.0cm  (19.3in)