Snow Crystal

美麗的花朵是落入凡間的仙子 六角形,被認為最能夠發揮出安定的力量。 「天花 / 天華」指的就是由天而降的花朵 (雪) ,亦被傳為盛開於天界,靈妙的美麗花朵。

Snow Crystal
V-shaped neck
15cm × 15cm
Size M L XL
color size
price $290 ※The price includes mail costs

In case one of the Swarovski on our items comes off within one year from the purchase date, we will replace it for free. The damaged item must be sent to our office by mail.

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size M L XL
length 69.5cm  (27.4in) 70.5cm  (27.8in) 72.0cm  (28.3in)
bust 46.5cm  (18.3in) 49.5cm  (19.5in) 52.0cm  (20.5in)
shoulders 41.0cm  (16.1in) 44.0cm  (17.3in) 48.0cm  (18.9in)
waist 43.0cm  (16.9in) 46.0cm  (18.1in) 49.0cm  (19.3in)