Shingen Takeda

He was a feudal lord who became famous for his great skills as leader and strategist. His strategy was called Furinkazan and was represented on his flag by the four ideograms of Wind, Wood, Fire and Mountain. He has been a very significant historical figure and some of his most famous phrases have became maxims that are still used in modern Japanese regarding how to do business and the way of life.

Shingen Takeda
V-shaped neck
15cm × 15cm
Size M L XL
color size
price $310 ※The price includes mail costs

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size M L XL
length 69.5cm  (27.4in) 70.5cm  (27.8in) 72.0cm  (28.3in)
bust 46.5cm  (18.3in) 49.5cm  (19.5in) 52.0cm  (20.5in)
shoulders 41.0cm  (16.1in) 44.0cm  (17.3in) 48.0cm  (18.9in)
waist 43.0cm  (16.9in) 46.0cm  (18.1in) 49.0cm  (19.3in)