Kenshin Uesugi

He was one of the most powerful lords of the Sengoku period. He is famed for his honorable conduct, his military expertise and his long-standing rivalry with Takeda Shingen. He was such a skilled warrior that his followers believed him to be the avatar of Bishamonten, the Buddhist god of war. He was also regarded as an extremely skillful administrator; during his reign the standard of living of Echigo rose notably.

Kenshin Uesugi
V-shaped neck
15cm × 15cm
Size M L XL
color size
price $360 ※The price includes mail costs

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size M L XL
length 69.5cm  (27.4in) 70.5cm  (27.8in) 72.0cm  (28.3in)
bust 46.5cm  (18.3in) 49.5cm  (19.5in) 52.0cm  (20.5in)
shoulders 41.0cm  (16.1in) 44.0cm  (17.3in) 48.0cm  (18.9in)
waist 43.0cm  (16.9in) 46.0cm  (18.1in) 49.0cm  (19.3in)